• Bouncing Roo’s Room

    Birth-20 months

    Babies primarily learn through their senses. At Hoppers, we strive to promote opportunities for learning this way, by having appealing displays, toys and areas to support younger ones on their journey of development

  • Healthy Environment

    Our Baby room is situated on the first floor. It is open plan with a substantial play area and sleeping area. Babies and small toddlers enjoy lots of messy and sensory activities as well as stimulating tasks to enhance their learning and development. The room is very warm and enriching, offering quiet areas for reading and cuddles as well as areas for learning through play. All the staff are fully qualified and trained and are passionate about all children.

    With our location, we are lucky enough to live by a number of farms and shops and these are sometimes destinations on any outings/walks we go on. We take every opportunity to go for regular visits to the surrounding area.

    In the baby room we follow the Early Years Foundation stage, which is evident in your child’s online learning journey with lots of different observations and records of achievement. This new online system also gives you the opportunity to do your own observations at home to add into your child’s learning journey.

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