• Jumping Jaguar's Room

    Birth-20 months

  • We are proud to offer Out of school club care for our local schools (Wellhouse, Wilberlee, Clough Head and Scape schools), offering both breakfast and evening sessions.


    Breakfast club:

    Our bright and cosy room offers morning activities and breakfast in the morning session. This session provides a nice time for the children to integrate before the start of the school day and enjoy some calming activities in preparation for a day of socialisation and learning, before being transported via our minibus to school.

    Evening session:

    On an evening, we offer evening snack and activities throughout the session. This can include outdoor play on the park located behind Hoppers, exciting crafts and design and a wide array of games. We also enjoy doing festival/celebration-based activities to help our Jumping Jaguars unwind after a long day of learning at school!

    For any enquiries or to see our Jumping Jaguars room, please get in touch via our ‘contact us’ page.