• Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

    At Hoppers, we pride ourselves on our dedication in including and supporting children with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). In this way, we ensure that both children’s and parents views are respected and closely adhered to

    Qualified Professionals

    Our SENCO is fully qualified and professional, working closely with the manager, schools, and other Early Years professionals in the area to ensure that each child with SEND receives full support and sufficient provision in helping to meet their goals and aspirations. We diligently work with parents to offer support and have regular meetings to plan and review for each individual child. We prioritise adapting and differentiating curriculums to suit individual needs and abilities. We value partnership between parents and staff in ensuring the best possible care for your child at Hoppers.

    We have an open-door policy ensuring that if you have any concerns, you can speak to the SENCO or manager.


    The Local Offer

    Please see below for the Local Offer which is part of the ‘Children and Families Act 2014’ and the ‘SEN Code of Practice’. This provides information for parents and carers, evidencing services available to them in their local area.